Ideal EHS Systems

Environmental Consulting

Environmental Consulting

IDEAL EHS Systems delivers environmental consulting services that help organization improve their environment, health and safety (EHS) performance. As the Principal at IDEAL EHS Systems, I use proven risk-based strategies and customized solutions to fit the client’s business systems. With over 30 years of operational and project experience in mining, smelting and steel sectors I quickly assess a client’s needs and provide straightforward advice and solutions.

Management Systems Approach

My extensive experience with formal management systems has helped clients succeed. IDEAL EHS Systems has helped mine sites achieve ISO 14001 registration or meet their corporate requirements. I have a track record of advancing EHS performance, and assuring compliance. Solutions also support reputational and social licence demands.

Mining Focused

Based in Sudbury, IDEAL EHS can respond quickly to mining related inquiries. I have worked on stand-alone assignments and been integrated into project teams. Clients have included major mining enterprises such as, Vale Kronau Project, DeBeers Canada and Glencore-Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operations.

Environmental Consulting Services

IDEAL EHS Systems will customize environmental consulting services to our clients’ requirements. These services generally fall into these areas:

  • Management system development: This area involves developing the site-specific documents required to satisfy compliance, project and corporate requirements. These systems are designed to achieve objectives that may include ISO 14001/OHSAS 18001 registrations, but are also integrated into existing business systems. Training programs may also be developed.
  • Auditing, assessment and verification: This includes evaluating an organization’s existing management systems to ensure conformance with corporate standards, ISO 14001/OHSAS 18001 or legal requirements (compliance). These evaluations can be structured to address a client’s specific situation, such as, project (tollgate reviews), operations (internal audit), and acquisitions (due diligence).
  • Project Management: This area includes providing direct EHS management services for mining and industrial capital projects or if additional management support is required. Sometimes this will require full time assignment to a project team. Similarly, customized solutions to air quality, water quality and other environmental management needs can be provided. In particular, management support and solutions are offered for organizations involved in sensitive environmental issues, like spills, non-compliance situations, community outreach, and health impacts.